Download Full 95/98/NT Logitech Retail Drivers for:




Update patches do not allow the computer to recognize the newer mice, nor to utilize any scroll or zoom features.

These files provide either FULL 95/98/NT OEM Logitech Retail Drivers 8.2 for all mice with scroll and zoom features, FULL 95/98/NT Logitech Retail Drivers 8.5 for all scroll, zoom, supports USB serial port devices, and Logitech Retail Drivers 9.0. All drivers support all previous versions. Newer drivers are larger files and may be more than you need. Whatever the supposed update patches posted at Logitech do, they don't work to even allow the computer to recognize the newer mice, let alone to utilize or adjust the settings for scroll or zoom features. They are a complete waste of time!

This customer was extremely inconvenienced by purchasing a new Logitech Marble+ Plus, which had no software. After 6 hours of hunting on the net for drivers to update this new Marble Scroll Mouse, he found that NONE of them worked at all! All of the hours hunting, downloading, installing and reinstalling were a COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME!

He was then forced to buy another mouse at another store - which ACTUALLY HAD THE SOFTWARE - and now is facing having to go "return" the first one. The whole thing is an incredible inconvenience! Most companies post their driver support software on their Web Site. Why Logitech does NOT is beyond this angry customer! One can not help but wonder how MANY thousands of people are thus FORCED to buy TWO Logitech devices - just to obtain the software for one? (And how many of THOSE customers actually take the time to return the original device? If one earns at least $20.00 per hour, it is not cost effective for him to take the time to RETURN the original faulty package!

The GOOD NEWS is that once the computer actually recognizes the scroll mouse, and allows you adjust the scroll and zoom features, you will NEVER go back!! Dragging that scroll bar up and down seems like a complete pain -- once the scroll features are working properly! I feel sorry for people who have not learned the wonderful advantages of a WORKING scroll mouse.

PLEASE! Dissatisfied consumers: write e-mail to to register frustration and OFFER SUPPORT for this post!



You must download BOTH Disks!

Unzip both .zips to a temp file. Go into Disk1, click SETUP.EXE. If installation stalls, you must browse into the correct temp folder to help the machine find Disk2. (It should be right under Disk1.  If you can't do this for some reason, copy contents (CONTENTS ONLY), onto 2 different floppy's. Then, instal from floppy's.

These drivers fully support Win 95/98 and all new Logitech Mice, including scroll and zoom features. Newest as of 5/99

FULL RETAIL VERSION OF MOUSEWARE 8.5 with USB serial bus support. (5945 KB) Newest as of 2/2000.

FULL RETAIL VERSION OF MOUSEWARE 9.0 (3080 KB) Newest as of 7/2000.

NOTE: The web-wheel on version 9.0 knocked out my zoom features, on an 8.5 mouse. I never actually loaded the 8.5 Retail version, (new) because the program looked too big to me. Whatever 8.5 had, it seemed to provide more junk-features than I was interested in. I did load 9.0, which provides "web wheel" when using an internet browser. This seems like a totally useless feature to me, and I couldn't figure out how to get my zoom feature back without un-installing the program, and then re-installing 8.2, making sure that I replaced any newer files with the old ones. So, I am quite happy with an updated Win98 Second Edition operating system, a logitech cordless keyboard, and the mouseware of 8.2. The zoom feature allows you to double click on the wheel within Word, Works, Photoshop, or Publisher documents, and then use the scroll wheel to zoom in or out on text, or objects etc., without having to fuss with the + or - sign. The zoom is a great feature, as is the scroll - but I can not figure out how to make it work with 9.0 software. I am only able to get the features I want with the 8.2 software.


In both Windows 95 and Windows 98, Logitech Mouse Drivers can conflict with an INTERNAL MODEM. (Esp. U.S Robotics.) This is usually manifested by a noticeable STALL or glitch of some kind at start up-- usually either a cursor glitch, a momentary loss of cursor control during boot, or an ECHO CHAMBER, REVERB effect on the start-up sound- -or some other kind of glitch: known as a HANG. This HANG DOES rob some system resources, even though it usually goes away after several seconds. To fix this very common problem:

1) Go: Start, Run, and type in: REGEDIT - press OK. This brings you into your Windows Registry.

2) Hold down the CTRL key and press F.

3) In the "Search Box" that pops up, type in: PortSearchOrder (no spaces): press ENTER. This brings you into the proper string to edit.

4) Using the arrow keys, and the DEL key, omit COM1 or COM2 .. which ever your internal modem is on.

5) Click X, and restart your machine. If this does not fix the problem, repeat the above procedure, and:

6) If you are using a PS/2 mouse, you may delete BOTH COM1 and COM2, - AND whichever COM your
internal Modem say's it is using. Leave one unused COM in the PortSearchOrder, just so you remember what it is supposed to look like. Entering COM5 is likely to fix the problem also, since then the mouse is looking for a non-existent port with which it can NOT conflict.

7) These changes ONLY EFFECT your LOGITECH mouse. The change only affects system startup, and how the Logitech Mouse Driver looks for serial mice - which you may NOT have anyway.

On my Windows 98 machines, my modems think they are using either COM3 or COM4. I fixed one system HANG by deleting everything in the PortSearchOrder except COM4, on TWO other systems I had to enter: COM5 to effectively eliminate all system HANGS.

All files are original OEM Retail Versions of Logitech Drivers. The reason that 8.2 comes on two disks - is that when it was originally purchased, it CAME on two floppy disks. The later ones came out on CD.


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