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This is the only real way to instantly cure the hiccups! Look no further!  The Hughes/Green method cure's the hiccups EVERY time GUARANTEED!  You will be amazed!  Hundreds of instantly cured hiccuper's have sent in their testimony's of deliverance! Files are available for researchers! Carefully understand both the HOW and the WHY of this method. If you don't get the WHY you might not get the HOW. Here's how to cure the hiccups:

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(1) Pour a TALL glass of water.

(2) Hold your breath... ***


(4) Slowly, take 10 - 20 swallows of the water...while holding your breath with your nose pinched closed.

(5) When you can't stand it any'll know by that overwhelming drowning sensation -- after a gasp, take a deep breath and relax.

This cures the hiccups 99 percent of the time - guaranteed! It's a proven medical remedy! (A second treatment could be necessary for stubborn cases.)

*** For stubborn cases, try EXHALING COMPLETELY and then taking 10 - 20 swallows.

NOTE: This hiccups cure WORKS for virtually all cases. The method works especially well on children. It works for geriatric case, cancer victims, tobacco chewer's, and for people who get the hiccups frequently. This method instantly STOPS the hiccups. Sometimes, hiccups may return within an hour or so. Usually they do not: but if they do - just use the method again! You will not develop an immunity to this cure. Continue to use the method as often as needed, until the diaphragm relaxes permanently. In reality, you may not need 15 swallows of water, you just need to induce the drowning sensation which evokes a gasp. This method often works for children in about 6 or 7 swallows. Moreover, children NEVER thank you after their hiccups are cured. They seem to expect that you know how to fix such things. WHO-ever it is that you are trying to help should be encouraged to try this method. This method is not a "trick". It is not a psychosomatic effect. It works because of the change of the balance carbon dioxide levels in the diaphragm.

WARNINGS & MEDICATIONS: Protracted or intermittent severe discomfort in the stomach area can be indicative of a very, very serious medical condition! Severe stomach discomfort can result from heart conditions, gall stones, appendicitis, pancreatitis, or other very serious medical conditions. If you suffer from very severe stomach pain - you may need to see a doctor. Gall bladder conditions, heart conditions, or appendicitis feel like severe stomach discomfort. Unlike the nerves in your skin - the nerves in your internal organs do not signal feelings of pain in a "specific" location. Internal organ pain is "general" - and it is difficult to know where it really coming from. After the emergency room, the correct physician to consult for a chronic hiccups problem is a neurologist. One of most effective treatments for persistent hiccups is a prescription drug called Baclofen. That is used to treat people who have nerve diseases that cause muscle spasms. Be sure to tell your neurologist about Baclofen. Other chronic cases have responded to anti-parkinson's medications like Artane, or Amantadine. These drugs must be used for a period of weeks. If one drug does not work, another often does. People who have been hiccuping constantly for 20 years are glad to finally find the medication that relieves hiccups permanently. Once the hiccups stop, those drug can be discontinued. Metoclopramide or Thorazine, which have commonly been used by physicians in the past do not work as well as the Hughes/Green Method for relieving hiccups. Before you go to the emergency room, please try the method!

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